Out of the Cold is the sixteenth book in the series written by Luke Heath.

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A young girl goes missing and the modus operandi is the same as that in what has become a cold case, as it was originally investigated in 2007. In the original case, the girls were dumped in the Gnangara Pine Plantation.

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June 2007 – Stella Ashton goes missing

2017 – Natasha Elsberry is taken, in a fashion that closely resembles the 2007 abductions

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Stella Ashton | Claire Avery | Zoe Benson | Melinda Clausen | Kayla Colton | Natasha Elsberry | Isabelle Grayson | Joe Healy | Sarah Hooper | Taylah Laidler | Yvette Mendel | Lucy Paine | Charli Underwood | Phoebe Vincent

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  • Melinda Clausen returns, this time in her capacity as a member of the Special Crime Squad.