Misjudged is the thirteenth book in the Major Crime Squad series written by Luke Heath.

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A supreme court judge is killed in an apparent hit and run, and detectives race to find which of her cases might be related to the incident.

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In retaliation for a perceived miscarriage of justice, XY targets members of the Supreme Court of Western Australia. To try to discover the reason behind the killings, detectives investigate the original cases and realise that there was indeed a cover-up partially facilitated by Judge Fraser Ericsson, and the wrong man was charged, over ten years ago.

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Gary Adkins | Maggie Allen | Jane Ashton | Kenzie Bloom | Rick Brady | Charles Branson | Ellis Cummings | Pauline Daly | Riley Evans | Fraser Ericsson | Evelyn Francis | Terry Jackson | Wes Jenkins | Esther Nyhuis | Eoin O'Keefe | Ross Poynton | Duncan Reed | Sean Rose | Ian Sheridan | Bridget Stephens | Walter Thompson | Les Tippett | Peter Vaughn

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  • Because of the nature of this case, it is presided over by Evelyn Francis herself.
  • Duncan Reed only features in this case as a minor character.