Michael Andrew Cochrane

Place of Birth: Melbourne, Victoria 

Date of Birth: 2nd November, 1990

Date of Death:

Gender: Male

Father: Aidan Cochrane

Mother: Carol

Brother: Eddie Cochrane




Other Languages:

Favourite Book:

Favourite Movie:


Physical Description Edit

  • Height: 189 cm
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Distinguishing Features: Kanji symbol for "strength" on his right forearm (done while he was in prison); dragon on left shoulder and arm

Education and Qualifications Edit

  • Williamstown High School

Background Edit

Personal LifeEdit

Always an average student, he was never particularly skilled with women. So he grew up often feeling sexually frustrated. His first conviction was when he got too rough with a prostitute, and she had him charged with assault. He was under the influence of Cocaine at the time, and the judge took this, and his guilty plea into account at sentencing, but still gave him seven months imprisonment. Before he left Melbourne, he was working laying floors.


He is a lust killer, who gets pleasure from exerting power over his victims, and uses that power to get what he wants. However, he is also a submissive character, and often defers to his brother when trying to decide what to do.  

Conviction History Edit

  • Assault occasioning bodily harm – Fulham Correctional Centre (7 months) – 2001