Alphabetical List of Books Edit

A Woman Scorned

Bed of Roses

Black Friday

Born that Way


Burning Desire

Crash Course

Dead in the Water

Do No Harm

Don't Bank on It

Fourteen Words

Ghosts of the Past

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Honour Among Thieves

Hot Shot

In the Name of the Father

Meat Market


Money to Burn

New Beginnings

No Rest for the Wicked

One for All

Out of the Cold

Suffer Little Children

Turf War

Watcher in the Night

Who Will Guard the Guards

Chronological Order Edit

For a more detailed chronology, see Timeline.

  1. Suffer Little Children
  2. Meat Market
  3. Who Will Guard the Guards
  4. Breathless
  5. Bed of Roses
  6. Dead in the Water
  7. Black Friday
  8. Fourteen Words
  9. In the Name of the Father
  10. Born that Way
  11. Home Is Where the Heart Is
  12. One for All
  13. Misjudged
  14. Turf War
  15. Watcher in the Night
  16. Out of the Cold
  17. Do No Harm
  18. Burning Desire
  19. A Woman Scorned
  20. Ghosts of the Past
  21. New Beginnings
  22. Crash Course
  23. Money to Burn
  24. Honour Among Thieves
  25. No Rest for the Wicked
  26. Don't Bank on It
  27. Hot Shot

Blurbs Edit

Suffer Little Children Edit

Eleven-year-old Holly Grisham goes missing on her way home from school on a Friday afternoon, sparking an investigation by the police. The following Monday, she is found in Hester Park, alive but in a coma. Initially, her father is pursued as a suspect; however, less than a week later, Joanna Yorke goes missing while at Hoyts Southlands – and because Ian Grisham is being interviewed by the police at the time, he is ruled out as a suspect.

Meat Market Edit

A prostitute turns up dead in an alley by the hotel where she was last seen, which in itself does not seem that unusual, however, when an autopsy is conducted, it is found that she is missing her liver.

Who Will Guard the Guards Edit

A member of the police force turns up dead. Investigation of his death reveals that he was murdered and that the killer is someone who has knowledge of forensic techniques and how to combat them.

Breathless Edit

Women are being strangled around Perth. Apart from the way they are killed, and the fact that only women are targeted, there is no definitive victimology.

Bed of Roses Edit

A killer is finding his victims on a dating site. He arranges to meet them and takes them to a hotel room, where he seduces and kills them.

Dead in the Water Edit

Victoria Summers is drowned in her hotel bath. At first, an ex-boyfriend is a suspect, but then a second victim is drowned.

Black Friday Edit

A young girl is abducted from Mueller Park, near West Leederville train station. However, the detectives soon realise that she is only the first of a string of girls.

Fourteen Words Edit

A self-proclaimed white supremacist is "clensing" [sic] the community.

In the Name of the Father Edit

A young prostitute is found dead, crucified, in Highgate. It doesn’t seem unduly significant until a second and third are found similarly laid out. During the autopsy of the first (and later similarly with the second and third), it is found that she was given the last rites.

Born that Way Edit

Gay men are being murdered around Perth, in particular near the clubs of Northbridge.

Home Is Where the Heart Is Edit

Two men target homes in Perth’s western suburbs. Unusually, they pick times when the owners are home. They will rape the women, and physically assault the men, before killing them.

One for All Edit

A group of three or four men is targeting young women, and gang-raping them.

Misjudged Edit

A supreme court judge is killed in an apparent hit and run, and detectives race to find which of her cases might be related to the incident.

Turf War Edit

Felix "Happy" Wolfe from motorcycle club The Renegades is murdered. Fearing retaliatory attacks, the Major Crime Squad investigates. However, a second victim is found, from a rival gang.

Watcher in the Night Edit

A car is bombed, and the driver, who died in the explosion, turns out to be Jacob Goodman, who is out on parole. When XYXY is released, he is attacked and left for dead.

Do No Harm Edit

An ‘Angel of Mercy’ is taking the lives of terminally ill patients in hospitals around Perth.

Burning Desire Edit

A serial arsonist is targeting people around Perth.

Out of the Cold Edit

A young girl goes missing and the M.O. is the same as that in an abduction in what has become a cold case, as it was originally investigated in 2007.

A Woman Scorned Edit

A man is found dead, having recently been with a woman. Though it later turns out that the woman he was with was not his wife. It appears that the cause of death is poisoning.

Ghosts of the Past Edit

Eli Dreyer’s father, a career soldier, took his own life after being unable to work through his PTSD as a result of service in Vietnam. So Dreyer decides to take out his anger and grief on those he perceives as part of the problem – other members of the armed forces.

New Beginnings Edit

An apparent home invasion in which the whole family is killed brings the team in contact with the Federal Police again, as it turns out that the family was part of the National Witness Protection Program.

Crash Course Edit

The police connect a string of hit and run incidents to the same vehicle.

Money to Burn Edit

Someone is targeting expensive houses, not just to rob them, but rather to punish the owners, apparently for their wealth.

Honour Among Thieves Edit

A killer targets inmates and staff at a local women's prison and detectives go undercover to investigate.

No Rest for the Wicked Edit

The team flies out to the coastal town of Mammangup, where someone is targetting local kids.

Hot Shot Edit

The team is called in when a string of apparent accidental overdoses is linked chemically to the same batch of drugs.

Don't Bank on It Edit

A spree of bank robberies hit Perth, and the one thing they have in common is that none of the hostages survives.