Jacob Andrew Whitfield

Place of Birth:

Date of Birth: 22nd August 1973

Gender: Male

Father: Frank Whitfield (d. X aged 48)

Mother: Donna Whitfield (d. X aged 55)

Sister: Martha

Spouse: (d. 2014)



Known Associates:

Other Languages:

Favourite Book:

Favourite Movie:

Vehicle: Blue 2003 Honda

Last Known Address:

Physical Description Edit

  • Height: 185 cm
  • Hair: X
  • Eyes: X
  • Distinguishing Features: X

Education and Qualifications Edit

  • X
  • Bachelor of Medicine (incomplete) – Curtin University –

Background Edit

Personal Life Edit

A smart man by all accounts, however, he was unable to handle the stress and workload of a degree in medicine. Indeed, he suffered a nervous breakdown and spent some time in Perth Clinic. This was further compounded by the loss of his wife to cancer, which he believed he could have cured, if he had been able to finish his degree.

Profile Edit

He is a mission-oriented killer,

Conviction History Edit