Edward John Cochrane (AKA Edward Wilson)

Place of Birth: Melbourne, Victoria

Date of Birth: 10th January, 1983

Gender: Male

Father: Martin Wilson

Mother: Carol

Brother: Michael Cochrane

Spouse (ex): Belinda

Son: Seth b. 2001 (estranged) 

Known Associates: Michael Cochrane

Other Languages:

Favourite Book:

Favourite Movie:

Vehicle: Dark Grey 2002 Ford Transit (1CVJ 859)  

Last known address: Melbourne; XXXX Perth  

Physical Description Edit

  • Height: 187 cm
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Distinguishing Features: Tattoo of the name Seth in Old English script on the inside of his forearm

Education and Qualifications Edit

  • Williamstown High School

Background Edit

Personal Life Edit

As a child, Cochrane was physically abused by his father, and he asserts that his mother knew and did nothing because she was also being abused. When she remarried, he took his stepfather's name. After leaving school at 16, he drifted in and out of part time employment, mostly manual labour, supplementing his income by supplying Cannabis, and later Cocaine. He was sentenced to a year for possession with intent to supply when he was just seventeen (1999), which he served in Acheron Boys' Home, until he was released at eighteen. By this time he had received some training as a butcher. He then served two and a half years (2000-03) in Marngoneet Correctional Centre for the indecent assault of one of his colleagues. Going into a downward spiral, he was prescribed Amitriptyline, under the brand label Endep. A year later, he was convicted of aggravated rape and sentenced to eight years, again in Marngoneet (2005-12). He and Michael moved from Melbourne to Perth soon after he got out of prison. Having lied about his criminal history, he is employed part time as a butcher. His continued use of Endep has caused sexual dysfunction, which led to his aggression in the aggravated rape.

Profile Edit

Eddie worked with his younger brother Michael, though he was always the dominant one. Because of his mother's lack of action in relation to his assaults, he grew to feel antipathy for women, believing that they were weak, and "not good for anything but sex". An anger-retaliatory killer, he derives sexual pleasure from dominance, and power over his victims, and the infliction of torture, pain, and ultimately death is used in an attempt to fulfil his need. He prefers girls who are in their late teens to early twenties.

Conviction History Edit